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What We Do

We are a community service organization that honors our most senior veterans in Southern Nevada for their sacrifices.


Southern Nevada Veterans

We work with veterans in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Tonopah, Ely, Mesquite, Laughlin, Pahrump and everywhere in between.


Veteran Applications

Veteran applications can be filled out online or downloaded and mailed or faxed in. Once a complete application is received, applicants can expect a call about 45 days before the next flight.


Eldest Veterans First

Veterans are chosen for the trip based on age and date of application. Priority is given to World War II veterans and veterans with a terminal illness


Washington DC Trip

This is a three day trip. Day 1 is spent traveling to Washington D.C. Day 2 is spent at the World War II Memorial and visiting other Washington D.C. landmarks such as the Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial and the Marine Corps War Memorial, plus others as time permits.   Day is is the return trip from Washington D.C. to home


Volunteer Guardians & Care

Veterans are accompanied on their flights by trained guardians, who are typically volunteers from the community. (apply to be a volunteer guardian), who assist veterans for the day. Veterans must be able to take care of themselves while in a hotel room. Those with dementia or Alzheimer’s are not eligible to make the trip, because we are not trained caregivers for these illnesses. However, we would still like to honor these veterans so please contact us for information.



Honor Flight Southern Nevada shall not discriminate based upon a person’s sex, financial status, race, creed, color, religion or ethnic background.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of May 3, 2023, Real ID requirements will be enforced. Visit this link for up to date information:

All veterans must complete an application to be selected for a flight. Once we receive your application, your name will be put on the waitlist. We will begin selecting veterans based on service years, age and health. Priority is given to World War II veterans, Korean War veterans and veterans with a terminal illness. We do not discriminate when reviewing applications and/or selecting veterans.

We require certain personal and medical information so our medical adviser and team members can ensure the veteran will physically be able to make the flight in a comfortable manner.

Spouses are not allowed to go, unless they are a veteran. Guardians that go have to perform heavy work, such as loading and unloading wheelchairs and pushing them all day. In addition, we only have room for a safe guardian/veteran ratio. Often spouses and significant others have similar health issues and we cannot accommodate these issues.

No, you cannot bring your motorized scooter nor should you bring your own wheelchair. HFSN will provide wheelchairs to be used throughout the weekend. We need to load these wheelchairs on and off the bus at least 10 times and they need to be lightweight and easy to load.

No.  Rooms are assigned as two-person occupancy. We have received requests that a veteran will pay for his/her own room. The idea of this trip is that veterans do not pay for any expenses for the trip and HFSN does not have the funds to give everyone their own room.

No, HFSN does not provide transportation to and from the airport. However, if we know of other traveling veterans that live near a veteran, we may be able to pair people up to ride together. If this is an issue, please contact your team leader as soon as you can.

Yes, we can assist with oxygen needs. We will need to have the prescription from the veteran’s doctor a few weeks before the trip in order to make the needed arrangements.

Pack comfortable clothes and shoes for the trip. This is a very casual weekend. You will be receiving a HFSN shirt to be worn on Saturday which will be yours to keep!

The best time for that to happen would be either on Friday or Saturday nights at the dinner at our hotel. They can join us at the dinner for the cost of the meal and we can work with them to make arrangements. In addition, after the meal and program, you are free to visit at the hotel. We prefer that you do not leave the hotel with anyone other than Honor Flight personnel.

We will have breakfast sandwiches and coffee at the airport. We will also serve a meal on the flight on the way to BWI on Friday as well as a meal on the flight back to Las Vegas on Sunday.

When you check in on Friday morning at the airport, make sure that you have some sort of identifying information on your bag (i.e. name tag). You are responsible for keeping track of your luggage. If you have medication that needs to be taken during either flight, HFSN recommends that you have it within easy reach.

Yes. Each stop that we have has a restroom that we can use. At the Iwo Jima stop there is only a portable toilet. There is a restroom on the bus if you need to use one at any point.

We have a set schedule and as much as HFSN would love to go these other places, we just don’t have time to make other stops.

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