Red, White & Brew

Honor Flight Southern Nevada and Coffee

A perfect match!

“Nobody can soldier without coffee.”

Ebenezer Gilpin, Union Soldier, 1865


The history of coffee and the American military is as rich as the beverage itself. Coffee took its place in American history following the Boston Tea Party in 1773 when colonists renounced tea as unpatriotic and made the switch to coffee. During the Revolutionary War, drinking coffee was not only a symbol of patriotism and American pride but coffee houses became an important gathering place for colonial leaders including many of our founding fathers.


“The power of the soldiers to endure the fatigue of the march and keep their places in the ranks was greatly enhanced by an opportunity to brew a cup of coffee by the wayside.” – Captain Robert K. Beecham


In the early 1900, the Brazilian Coffee Institute needed a use for its coffee surplus.  They found partnership with Nestle, and after several years of research created the instant coffee, Nescafe. The US government was the largest purchaser of this new coffee partnership and began to put it in the ration packs for the soldiers. Honor Flight Southern Nevada is following the long tradition of the connection between coffee and our service men and women by bringing our own love of coffee and the military to you. We introduce you to our very own roast –

HFSN Red – White & Brew.

Our Red White & Brew is a medium roasted coffee that has mild acidity. The coffee has notes of chocolate, almond, and apple. A Brazilian blend ready to help you start your mornings, just like our Veterans did!

Also try our Red White & Brew Decaf, a medium body coffee that has a mild acidity, with notes of chocolate, dried fruit and graham crackers.

Or our Purple Heart, a medium roasted, medium bodied coffee infused with cinnamon, brown sugar, bananas, walnut, and Jamaican Rum flavors. The coffee beans are infused with these flavors with no sugar added. This product is gluten free.

Order yours today!

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