In Memory

If you would like to make a donation in Memory of a loved one that was a WWII veteran, other  veteran, friend or family, you can go to the Donations tab and write the message for who the donation is for in the Message area.

Thank you so much for the support of these wonderful veterans and supporters.

–  In Memory of Fred Bolognia, WWII veteran who when on our September 2018 flight and passed away early May 2021.  He had a great flight with his daughter Tony Bolognia who came as his Guardian.  His  family  let  us  know how  much  the  flight  meant  to  him  and  we  are  thankful  for  the  chance  to  honor  him.

– In Memory of Frank Murphy, WWII veteran who went on our flight in October 2018 and passed away in July 2020.  A donation in his memory made by Janice and Sonny Chestnut.

-In Memory of William Sachanko WWII veteran who went on our November 2019.  He was able to go on the flight with his daughter Susan as his Guardian.   He was on hospice care at the time of the trip and we are so happy he was able to join us.  In memory of William a donation has been made by Lesli MaCNeil.

In Memory of Edward Gluntz who went on our May 2019 flight.  He was joined by his daughter Patty as his Guardian and another daughter as he experienced his trip of Honor.

    • Donations in his memory made by Jason Begun and Patty’s co-workers.
    • In memory by Karen & Ed Bukowski.
  • In Memory of Donald Kay “Dutch” Phillips WWII veteran.
    • “Your Dad seems like he was one heck of a guy and we would like to honor him, and others like him, for his service to our country. We hope that this donation will “pay it forward” to others who , like him, were there for all of us during this trying time. ALL of these WWII vets deserve to be honored through this mission to take them to Washington to see the memorials that have been erected to signify their service and sacrifice. May you find peace in knowing that this gift will provide meaningful memories for others who have also given so unselfishly. We love you guys! Love, Keith and Marcia”
  • In Memory of Sally Gatewood, beloved team member of Honor Flight Southern Nevada.
    • Donation by Dave and Mary:  “Smart, kind, generous, great sense of humor. We are very blessed to have known Sally.
    • Donation by Mark Andresen.
    • Donation in memory of our dear friend Sally,  by Susan and Doug Thomas.
    • Donation by Gary & Diane Chimko: “Dear Bob, Dian, Scott, Darren & Julia Gary and I are honored to make a donation in Sally’s name. She and her smile will be missed by all who she came into contact with during her many hours of dedicated service to Honor Flights. We are making this donation on Veteran’s Day 2019 and will hold this day in our hearts not only for the Veteran’s who have served our country, but for this gracious woman who gave so much of her time to this wonderful organization.”
  • In Memory of Terry McKissick donated Steven McKissick, thankful for his service.
  • In Memory of Mr. William Steinbaugh, who went on our Flight October 2013.  That was the trip they shut the government down and tried to stop us from seeing the Memorials.  They didn’t stop us!
    • Donation made by Bill and lauana Steinbaugh: “In Loving memory of my Dad, a WWII Veteran who passed on Sept 11, 2019…Save travels Dad, we Love You, R.I.P. (Billy & Lajuana)”
    • Donation made by Cynthia Bledsoe to honor his service.
    • Donation made by Kathleen Sisson and Bill Dalton.
    • Donation made by Mr. Paul Callaghan to honor his service.
  • In Memory of Mr. Roy Takeyama, “In Honor of your service” donation made by John Bekmais.
  • In Memory of Mr. Douglass Pushard, a WWII Merchant Marine Veteran that went on our April 2016 flight.
    • Donation made in his memory by “Sandy, I adored your dad and he will always hold a special place in my heart. So sorry for your loss but now he can be with his love. Our condolences to your family. Linda & Gary Young”.
    • Donation in memory of Doug Pushard from his good friend Cynthia Bledsoe.
    • In Memory of Douglass Pushard from brother-in-laws Kenny, Denny and Marie Temm, “We loved you in life and love you still.  You touched our lives in your unique way. We will miss you and hearing about your next adventure”.
    • Donation made in memory of Doug Pushard “(5/19/1927 – 8/16/2019). He was the President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Merchant Marine Veterans (AMMV) and he strongly supported all Veterans and Honor Flight. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Doug”, by Paul Callaghan.
    • In Memory of E Douglass Pushard – Merchant Mariene. Love from Sister-in-law and brother-in-law Lois & Ed King.
    • Donation made “To Honor Doug Pushard” from Kenneth Edwards.
    • Donation made to honor Doug Pushard from Larry Lee.
  • In Memory of  Ms. Jane Coleman, who went on our flight in October of 2016.  Jane was a member of the Navy Nurse Corps during the Korean War.  She was very proud of her service to our nation and saved an unknown number of lives as she cared for wounded Navy and Marine service members  as they flew to Hawaii for further treatment.
    • Donation  made by Colleen Alfirevic. “My beloved Mom Jane H. Coleman was such a pioneer, as she was a Naval Officer and a woman and a professional and a working mom during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This was very rare at the time. She was so proud of her Navy service while a Registered Nurse during the Korean War. She supported the military her entire life and was thrilled to take the Honor Flight in the Fall of 2016. There is nobody like her. She will be revered and missed forever. Love, Your Family”
    • In Memory of Jane Coleman – Donation by Debbie Harling “Thank you for being such a great friend to my Mother, June Ikeda.  We’re going to miss you so much!”
    • In Memory of Jane Coleman – Donation by June Ikeda “Best friend ever! I miss you very much.”
    • In Memory of Jane Coleman – Donation by Seth Hooper We appreciate the service she provided to the country and the many lives that she has touched in her life. We wish you and your family our deepest condolences and will keep you in our daily prayers. The Hooper family”.
    • In Memory of Jane Coleman – donation from Eric and Mary Kay Inglett.
  • In Memory of Mr. Barnard “Barney” Fatla, WWII Veteran and beloved grandfather of one of our team members.  Donations  made  by:  Ryan  Loomis,  Brian  Adams  “Off  to  the  next  adventure”;  Gregory  Toth  “For  Barney  and  all  that  have  served  and  all  that  volunteer  for  this  great  organization.  Mahalonui!”;  Darlene Pekarek “In Honor of Bernard “Barney” Fatla.”;  Amy Kirk “With deepest sympathies to Scott Majewski  and  Family”;  and  the  Tassi Family,  Eddie  Dichter , Kim  and  Aaron  Gordon  “In  memory  of  Bernard  to  Scott  and  family,  we  are  sorry  for  your  loss”
  • In Memory of The Mann Brothers, three WWII Veterans. Donation may in their honor by Mrs. R.S. DeBreardinis.
  • In honor of Robert Michael Gagliano, Vietnam Veteran serving with the 7th Calvary Division. Donation made by Donald and Rita Gagliano.
  • In Memory of Joseph Sharpe, a WWII veteran that went on our flight in 2014.  Donation made in memory by Robert Reed.
  • In Memory of Art Lovelace, a WWII and Korean War veteran.  Art went on our flight in 2015.  From his daughter, who went as his Guardian, “The trip did something to him; it brought him some closure, some peace, and some pride as well as helping him accept that he was worthy of the honor”.
    • In Memory of Mr. Arthur Lovelace from Capt. and Mrs. Ernest Bizzozero.
    • In Memory of Mr. Arthur Lovelace from Elizabeth and Drennon Yarborough.
  • In Memory of Charles Nastasi, a WWII Army veteran that went on our October 2018 flight. Donation made in his honor and memory by Janet Woerfel, Fontanne Myers and  Susan Clarke.
    • In Memory of Mr. Nastasi from Vicki Caiati.

[ Mr. Charles Nastasi

  • In loving Memory of John Hayes WWII and Korean War Veteran, Flew 100 missions piloting an F84 during the Korean War.  Loving donation was made by his sonDavid Hayes.
  • In Memory of Peter Farlick. “Thank you for serving in Vietnam and for being an unwavering patriot” from Dorthy Gandee.
  • In Memory of Henry D. McCollough, WWII Naval Veteran. Henry went on our October 2014 flight. “Fair winds and following seas… from grateful citizens and co-workers of your daughter, Phillis Cooper.” From David Ruhl
  • In Memory of “My Papas sacrifice as a POW during WWII and as a Navel ship cook” From Winnie Tatiana and Family
  • In Memory of 3 WWII family members. Mr. Robert Mann, Mr. Arthur D Mann and Mr. Lester Mann.  by RS DeBerardinis.
  • In Honor and Memory of Mr. Marcel C Four Jr. Private First Class 82nd Airborne, who served in Normandy Invasion June 6, 1944, the fight for the Nijemgen Bridge, Holland and the Battle of the Bulge.  Donation made by daughter and loving family, Mrs. & Mr. Fanizzi.
  • In Memory of Floyd Homer Woods who went on our April 2014 flight.  He served in the US navy during WWII.
    • From Derek and Robin Clark with love
    • From Darrell and Maureen Ostyn.  “Uncle Floyd, you were worth it and made a difference”.
    • From all of us at Varex SIP Las Vegas
    • From Mr. Philip Dupree “A special gift in memory of Mr. Floyd Homer Woods from the Varex SIPNPI Engineering Team and Executive Assistant.
  • In loving Memory of Edna Filson, who passed quietly away just before her 95 birthday.  Mrs. Filson was one of the first women to go on our very fist HF.  She was a nurse during WWII.            Mrs. Filson celebrated a life with three wonderful daughters and many grand children.  She always had the greatest smile on her face.   Ms. Dianne Downing made a donation in her honor.

  • In memory of Mr. Edwin M Lum. Sr, who passed away in May 29th, 2017. In 2014 Mr. Lum traveled to Washington, DC with HFSN and had the privileged to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Mr. Lum was active in WWII, the UntitledKorean War and the Vietnam War, serving in the USMC, USAF and CA ANG.  Ed’s family and friends will always remember him for his love of country, flying and golf.  In his memory the following have made a donation to HFSN in hopes that their mission may continue to honor or nation’s veterans.
    • Beverly Iba, Glenn and Gloria Iba, Al and Patty Iba, Marilyn and Alex Havasi, Clifford Higashi, Candace Nagasone, Glenn Nojiri and Family, Steve and Laura Uyemura, Robert and Dayna Arii & Family, Reggine Kim & Derek Kim, David and Lilyan Ujihara,Russell Yamano & Ann Masuda, Carla Fujimoto and Bobby Konno.    In addition the family would like to thank Kathy Hirose and Jeff and Daisy Saito for the beautiful floral arrangements that gave such a serene setting for the service.
    • Dr. James Laidler, a veterans from our April 2017 flight has passed away.  A donation in his memory was made by  Monica Deeter.  Mrs. Deeter heard about how much Dr. Laidler enjoyed his trip and we are thankful for her donation in his name.
      • Mr. and Mrs. Blank made a donation in memory of Dr. James Laidler.  Letting us know how much the flight meant to him.   Thank you for your support of HFSN and for honoring the service of Dr. Laidler.
      • Ms. Diane Munn made a donation in memory of Dr. James Laider. We are thankful for the donation and your desire to honor Dr. Laider.
    • Donations made by Robert D. In Memory of his father, Robert Alvin Mann, his brothers Arthur and Lester Mann, all who served in WWII and have passed away.
    • In memory of Jerry Morlan of Berthoud Co.  Mr. Morlan was a Korean War veteran that went on the HF out of  Colorado.  However, his family has asked that donations be made in memory of him, to us.   Mr. Morlan was in the Navy as a Fireman on the USS Kennebec, which delivered fuel to the fleets in the Pacific.  Dawn Walker, one of our Board members is a good friend of the family and they wanted to honor Mr. Morlan with these donations to HF.  Mr. Morlan was much loved by his family and community.
  • In Memory of Robert Dodds. A Pearl Harbor survivor, and honorable veteran from our April 2016 flight.  A wonderful person to know, with a life of honor and distinction, loved by family and friends.  Mr. Dodds served in the Navy and on December 7th was on a sub tender when the attack began.  Here  is Mr. Dodds at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier after laying a wreath with three other of our veterans.  He is sitting next to Irene.


  • In Memory of Irene Miller.  Irene turned 94 on or trip in April 2016 and was able to celebrate in style with 28 other WWII veterans.  Irene loved being in the Navy and was very proud of her service to our country.
  •  DSC_0001
  • In Memory of Diana Langon, donation by Market Force Information.  Diana was a wonderful volunteer with HFSN.  She was always at our Pancake Breakfast Fundraisers, making sure the  coffee was ready right away.
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