HFSN’s Honor Everywhere – Virtual Program

HFSN Virtual Program: Honor Everywhere

Our Mission: To honor our most senior veterans.

Honor Everywhere 360 allows Veterans who aren’t able to physically travel the opportunity to see their memorials. 

We will be offering a virtual reality experience of the WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and other memorials for those veterans not able to make the HFSN flights to Washington D.C.  

Please contact us for an application 702-749-5912.  We will coordinate with a family member to visit the veteran and present an immersive experience with special Oculus Go virtual goggles. 

Our team members will be tested for Covid-19 prior to entering any veterans home.  We will have personal protection and ensure the equipment is properly sanitized before use.

Please complete the HFSN Honor Everywhere Program application so that we can properly honor these veterans. 

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