Applications are listed below.  If you have any problems, please email

Once we receive your application, it will go on a waitlist and you will be contacted 45 days before the next flight.  If you are not a WWII veteran your application, you will not be contacted until we start selecting veterans from your war.

For the Veteran Application.  You have the option of completing the “Online Veteran Application” or you can print the “Veteran Application 8.17” and return it by mail, email or fax to information to 702-749-5933.

Please understand that we cannot take veterans that have Alzheimers or Dementia.

If you are wanting to be a Guardian, please review the Guardian page for expectations.

Online Veteran Application – New 8/15/17

Online Guardian Application – New 8/15/17

Online Volunteer Application – New 8/15/17

Paper Application can be found at links below:

application- veteran 9.17

Guardian application 6.15.17

Volunteer Application3.20.17